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VMware vSphere: What’s New
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VMware vSphere: What’s New 12.02.-14.02.2018 Termin buchen ▶
VMware vSphere: What’s New 26.03.-28.03.2018 Termin buchen ▶
VMware vSphere: What’s New 02.05.-04.05.2018 Termin buchen ▶
VMware vSphere: What’s New 18.06.-20.06.2018 Termin buchen ▶


In this three-day, hands-on training course, you will explore the new features and enhancements in VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi. Real-world use case deployment scenarios, handson lab exercises, and lectures will teach you the skills that you need to effectively implement and configure VMware vSphere. This class is recommended for customers who want to deploy vSphere into their existing vSphere environment.


vSphere knowledge equivalent to attending vSphere Install, Configure, Manage and system administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating sytems


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IT-Manager, Systemadministratoren, Systemarchitekten









List and describe key enhancements in vSphere

Use the user interface of the new VMware vSphere Client, the new VMware Host Client, and the appliance shell of VMware vCenter Server Appliance

Add users to the lockdown exception users list and test the lockdown mode

Configure virtual machines to check for and install newer versions of VMware Tools

Upgrade virtual machines to the current hardware

Create a multisite content library for synchronizing virtual machine templates, vApps, ISO images, and scripts across vCenter Server instances

Enable the VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy service to automatically add new hosts to the Active Directory domain

Configure NFS- and iSCSI-backed virtual volumes to provide a common storage platform, independent of the underlying storage hardware

Create storage policies and use these policies with virtual machines and virtual volume datastores

Work with VMware vSphere Network I/O Control to create and configure a distributed switch

Use VMware vSphere vMotion to migrate virtual machines across vCenter Server instances

Activate the high availability feature of vCenter Server Appliance

Back up vCenter Server Appliance by using a file-based backup solution from the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface

Set up your environment to encrypt and decrypt virtual machines

Set up your environment to use encrypted vSphere vMotion to securely migrate encrypted virtual machines

Migrate from Windows vCenter Server to vCenter Server Appliance

Configure vCenter Server and associated services to use VMware Platform Services Controller high availability


Nach Abschluss dieses Kurses können Sie die VMware Certified Professional 6-Prüfung absolvieren.
Die Prüfungsgebühr ist in der Kursgebühr nicht enthalten.
Im Training wird die aktuelle Softwareversion eingesetzt.

Dieses Training wird in Kooperation mit Azlan einem Unternehmen der Tech Data Group durchgeführt.